The Indian Orthopaedic Society is a group for students of Indian descent to discuss and collate their thoughts on studying the Musculoskeletal system.

Comprised of many styles of writing, including personal diaries, blow-by-blow accounts of experiences as well as informed opinion pieces on the student life – this blog is a place for Indian Orthopaedic students to let go of all the little things that bother them on a day-to-day basis.

The writers are:

Bhavin Sahni

Hailing from the upper reaches of Assam, Bhavin first knew he wanted to be an Orthopaedic surgeon after a brutal bone-breaking experience as a young boy. Climbing through the rugged terrain of his local mountain-based village of Missamari, Bhavin lost his footing whilst reaching into a Lesser Kestrel nest and found himself falling from a great height. His left leg took the full force of the impact, even though his young bones were still very malleable they weren’t able to absorb the full shock of the fall – the bones in his leg broke in several places.

With the aid of a travelling Doctor, who was fortunately travelling through the area, Bhavin’s leg was set speedily and he went on to make a complete recovery. The steadfast certainty and the confidence with which the foreign Doctor acted stayed with the young boy and acted as a continual inspiration for years to come. Bhavin now lives and studies in Manchester.

Charvi Mehra

Charvi’s big city upbringing aided her in understanding the plight of the average Indian. Mumbai is one of the most populous cities on the planet with nearly 12 million people crammed into it’s environs. Amongst the throngs of workers, students and tourists, Charvi developed an understanding of the plight that faces the Indian healthcare system. Although thousands of Indians leave the country every year to gain professional qualifications – these students rarely return home to practice.

After finishing her studies, Charvi hopes to make a triumphant return to Mumbai where she can hopefully begin bridging the sizeable gap between the health of the poorest and the richest in her native city. Charvi currently studies in London.

Aayush Tyagi

Spending his early years living on the edges of the Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary, Aayush’s rural upbringing was one lived in the shadows of the majestic creatures of India. He was towered over by the Park’s herd of elephants, he marvelled at the speeds of the, now extirpated, Asiatic Cheetahs and adored the playful fighting of the Hoolock Gibbons. As much as he would have happily stayed in his local village of Lonza, the larger towns of Maharashtra called to him.

After spending his gap year travelling the length and breadth of India, Aayush enrolled in England to begin his studies in Orthopaedics. He now lives and studies in Cheltenham.

Saanvi Uddin

Saanvi’s parents had not originally like the idea of her leaving their home town of Lucknow to pursue a career in Medicine. Initially, she was promised to a Fur Seller of great local prestige. However, after finishing top of her class in her final years at High School, she proved that her intelligence deserved fostering at a higher level. Breaking off the marriage plans, she enrolled in Further Education to prepare herself for the 5 years of Medical School that lay ahead of her.

With her Medicine Degree completed, Saanvi wanted to further specialise in Orthopaedics. Her family had long standing issues with spinal diseases, keen to isolate these problems, Saanvi is now living and studying in Edinburgh.